Hissyfits Kids Consignment Boutique is AZ's most unique resale shop. We specialize in gently used high end Kids Clothing, Furniture, Equipment & Trendy Designer Maternity. We know you have many choices where to consign your things and appreciate that you have chosen Hissyfits! 

The employees at Hissyfits determine the selling price of all items. We do not guarantee prices and revisions of the selling price may be made at the stores discretion at any time. All intakes are based entirely on past selling history, so please don't be offended if Hissyfits rejects certain items. We take pride in what we consign at Hissyfits and that means each and every item.

When an item is sold the consigner receives either 55% of the sold price in "TRADE" towards other items in the store or half of the trade amount in "CASH" (or check if necessary). Hissyfits may decide to list your items on Ebay if they are deemed of higher value or collectable. This is advantageous for the consigner as you still receive the contractual percentages. You may use your credit or cash immediately after your items sell. Hissyfits will only mail checks to out of state consigners.

Prices of consigned items may be reduced during the consignment period. Items are generally kept for 60 days. Items not sold at the 60 day mark become Hissyfits property and are donated to a local non profit charity; the consigner receives a donation receipt. Consigners may reclaim items priced over $25 for a $5/item pick up fee. These items must be reclaimed before 60 days of the intake date.

It is the consigners responsibility to eliminate any items with defects, stains or any possible recall item. We reserve the right to donate any items found to have stains, defects or have been recalled. Hissyfits will do its best to protect your items but we are not responsible for loss or damage to any item for any reason including theft or fire.